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The Alhambra campus is proudly designed to reflect both our respect for and commitment to long-term sustainability. Our eco-friendly innovations have earned us LEED Gold certification and an Energy Star score of 95. Bloom Energy fuel cells generate over 25% of electricity used. And three acres of beautifully lush yet remarkably drought-tolerant landscaping has decreased our irrigation water usage by 85%. These achievements not only allow The Alhambra to operate more efficiently, they result in significant direct cost savings for our tenants year after year.

what green means to us


By continually reducing our eco footprint, all members of The Alhambra campus community enjoy lower costs without any loss in productivity. Large equipment upgrades including cooling towers, two 1000-ton chillers and variable speed motors have led to significant energy savings. Landscape and plumbing upgrades have reduced our water usage by 10%. And our Bloom Energy fuel cells saved more than $200,000 in electrical costs in 2013 alone – over 10% of the total annual electrical budget.


LEED Gold certification means we’re sustainable in a multitude of ways, from our conservation landscaping which reduced traditional use of grass by 50%, to our free battery recycling program for tenants and e-waste drive which collected 2,640 pounds of electronic waste at our last event alone.


Our five Bloom Energy fuel cells generate up to 500 kW of power (100kW each). Together they generate 67,000 kW hours per week, which equates to 25% of The Alhambra’s electricity requirement.


Our Energy Star score of 95 means we’re more energy efficient than 95% of all buildings
in the U.S. — an achievement our tenants can feel as good about as we do.

reliability & scalability

Bloom systems are built around a modular architecture of simple repeating elements that are extremely reliable and easy to scale. The electricity produced is running “grid parallel”: the campus runs first on the fuel cell generated power and then additional electrical power required is supplied by the grid. During fuel cell maintenance or any necessary shut down, the system accesses grid power directly to prevent power interruptions to The Alhambra.